We planned so many things yesterday. Didn’t we ? Lists were drawn and plan plotted. There were plenty of golden tips. So after the too many technical things I would like you to introduce you to my hometown. Today on the platter is the region my hometown belongs to and it is called the South Kanara .

South Kanara now comprises of two districts- Mangalore and Udupi.  Both coastal towns and  known for temples,churches and mosques and great stretches of pristine beach. Tulu, Kannada, and Konkani are the prevalent languages. The region where multi-culture and languages co-exist with similar beliefs.

If you are from the other side of Western Ghats the first thing your nostrils would notice is the smell of fish. The second thing is the pleasant smell of fried coconut oil and it is all pervading.

You can not miss the specialties of erstwhile South Kanara, will mention only a few: Moode (slight but distinct variation of idli as the dough is poured into a leaf found on waysides of interior villages, getting those leaves ain’t easy. They have thorns on them and the steam is cooked in large deep bottom vessels and is a great snack, in fact, a dieter’s delight enjoy it  with fresh coconut chutney.  Kateel is the place to be in Navaratri and to enjoy this snack with mango juice(aptly called Rasayana)- it is actually milkshake just that it’s not cow milk. I shall share the recipe only on demand, trust me it has a unique taste. You could also relish on  tender mango pickle (uppuda) in stunning red color- zero oil and the aroma and taste remains intact till the next mango season. Amazed ? You gotta try it and then I will believe you.

Don’t miss out on  Goli Baje, weird name but awesome taste. Goli baje means Goli-marble baje-eatable. They are a marble shaped snack, tastes best when fried in coconut oil.
Visit the famous Sri Krishna temple in Udupi and also satisfy your taste buds by dropping to Mitra Samaja gulp the Goli Baje and relish theTuppa Dose (Ghee Dosa). These are the originals and definitely taste better here than any other place in the country, I can vouch for that.

Don’t miss out on Buns and pathrode as well. You will have to taste these weird name(to you) dishes which I relish and I bet you would too and then these names wouldn’t be weird, for a taste lingers along with the name.

Don’t miss the great artists and the snake worshipers and the dance and art form of Bhuta Aradhana and Naga-Mandala where none of the devotees or invitees goes without lunch. Strange ways of worshiping, but we also worship the demon and the snake, probably it is to tell them to stay away from us and let us lead a peaceful life. There are many reasons, version, and taboos. I hate politics you see, so will not get down to details, but I do know a lot of stories my granny used to narrate. One of the most famous dance form Yakshagana is highly appreciated and lot of people flock to enjoy the dabce form.

We have myriad ways of relishing the jackfruit. My granny used to say  have a mango after lunch and Jackfruit before. Pluck a fruit separating it from the seed, dip it in honey and enjoy double whammy.  There are a zillion dishes we cook from jackfruit- sambar to dessert.

We have a lot of functions and social gatherings and you would not be leaving without a scrumptious lunch. Don’t miss out on the most important and unusual turn of the event-  as the meal gets heavy on you and you are still amazed by the sheer number of varieties, taste, and aroma, the host will present you with a crispy Indian currency . Don’t give that look of what ? Seriously? I ate a lunch so heavy that I may have to skip my dinner and you are offering me money , well it could range from Rs 10 to Rs 500. Just don’t refuse it, accept it with a smile, else you may be offending your host. Behold, the reason for the note in your hand is here: well, it was to cover your tedious journey expense(TA). It is an age hold tradition and we still continue that. Hey wait, did I say it was over?  Presenting to you a neat cover with Coconut,betel leaves,betel nut,small change and hold your breath a small/large box with sweetmeat – not repeat of what you relished, this is to carry home for those who missed the wedding or the gathering. You tell me how can I keep up with my dieting with a plethora of yummy dishes right in front of me!

There are a lot of places to visit which Wiki will tell you, I told you things that only insiders know.

Come to South Kanara and I promise you wouldn’t be disappointed.

I am participating in the #A-ZChallenge. My theme is A-Z of travelling in India.Come along and take the journey with me to experience incredible India.
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