Darjeeling is a small town that is situated in Bengal, the locals prefer calling Darjeeling as GorkaLand. Darjeeling is a tourist place and a famous Bollywood movie being shot there added more interest and desire in people to visit the city.

Well, the toy train is famous and train travel by default is magnificent. I recommend it. I could brag about the place all day. Let ‘s take a break and travel the city,enjoy its magnificence.

Welcoming you to the heaven on earth.

How do we get there?

The nearest airport is in a place called Bagdogra. You could always use the train. From Bagdogra we go to Darjeeling via Siliguri. Okay folks, keep the windows of the car open, save fuel,switch off that A/C, not required anymore. Let the cool breeze embrace your face, let the serene scenery smooth your soul. Hey, don’t let the air get into you. Don’t you want to cherish this forever. Get your DSLRs ready, stop and click pictures . Click . Click. Okay, now that is enough. Save the memory for some more breathtaking sceneraies. Let’s refill some energy for the rest of our journey. Stopping by a small tea shop. Awesome climate, picturesque view and a cup of piping hot tea. Ah, what joy when it is topped with something fried,spicy and hot. Take your time, there is no rush. No bus to catch or meeting to attend or deadline to meet.

Now we haven’t reached Darjeeling yet. Let us continue, hop into the car, with the windows open, the driver won’t let you keep the A/C on anyway. The roads are narrow and dangerous. Don’t worry,the drivers are really skilled and understanding. You could see a lot of army vans. Stop to drink a cup of hot ginger tea again.

Now that you have reached Darjeeling, let us check into a decent hotel, we are tired with all the travelling. Snuggle into the bed, cuddle the pillow ,relax and watch the television and sleep peacefully looking out the window.
There are a lot of places to visit tomorrow .

Wiki will tell you about a lot of places to visit.I only create memories and inspire you to visit the places. They are the routine: temples, gurgling waterfalls and much more that you have to check out. I will tell you the three best things about this place. 
Here it goes, the five best things that shall compel you to visit Darjeeling:
1. Honking free Shopping zone
Did we hear it right? Yes, we did. You need not worry about being hit by a vehicle while selecting a beautiful stole. There is no pollution, and you can visit every shop and look for whatever you want without sweating. Seats to rest and enjoy the view of lighted shops and dark mountains in the evening. Lovely mountains in the background ,clean and well kept roads. Son smoking in this shopping zone.  And the place is called MG Marg. Shops are open between 8 am to 8 pm. Don’t visit on a Tuesday, because they are closed.
Let us sip the famous Darjeeling chai(tea) and enjoy the serene place?
2. Women Rock!

 This is one-off the very few places where you could actually see equality among men and women in India.My heart was filled with pride as I saw the city bustling with economy fuelled by both men and women . They breakable barriers and give prove the true meaning to Athithi Devo Bhava. Wave them a Hi and they would smilingly wave you back even if they are too tired to even move an inch.
3.Exotic at its peak.

If you are a lover of flowers and fruits,you ought to visit the place. You get the most exotic flowers and fruits at reasonable prices considering the pain the people have to go through to obtain them,fighting the chilly weather and hilly terrain. Click click. I told you, you need to save some memory in the  camera.

There are a lot of amazing things there. And I will tell again this place isn’t my home but it isn’t a place either, its a feeling. I fell in love with the city the moment I went up the terrains, and you will for sure.

Call me when you are visiting this heaven. I will be your guide with pleasure and you would also give me the opportunity to fall in love with the place all over again.

This post is written for D of A-Z  Challenge and Day 5 of UBC


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