Shocked with the title? I am supposed to talk about tourism in India, but instead, write about something cleanliness. Haven’t we heard enough!?

The Oscar award winning Slum dog millionaire has made it evident how dirty our country is. Swatch Bharath Abhayan has tried to improve the condition. Few politicians,educational institutions,Corporates,NGO and others come and try to make a difference. Apart from roads and only at times the city is geared up into cleaning mode. Once photo-ops are over politicians make disappearance act. Mr.Shashi Tharoor wasn’t wrong when he reportedly blurted “cattle class”.  The truth is bitter, right?

When I began my journey of exploring places, I detested boarding train, because of the dirty washroom,sink ,and the stench, it is made worse if you have seats near the toilets!  I would beg my father to book tickets in AC Coach,because the washrooms would be much better. Alas! that rarely happened. I am travelling by Shatabdi from Chennai to Bangalore as I write this, I simply love (what a relief from II Sleeper) these coaches. It is clean, you have personal space and you can work on your laptop without hitting two people at a time . But post the booking of these tickets I was called up and taught a lesson on importance of saving money and the right way of spending. Finished hearing one session 5 minutes back. Well I don’t blame anyone, but us and the government. I have to pay premium to avail clean wash rooms and floors. And of course be bummed by my dad. I am going to have another session of advise after he reads this post.

So what about Swach Bharath Abhayan with respect to tourism? Duh! God knows Clean toilets and railway station is just one part with respect to tourism. I love long rides, well most of us do. Don’t we? There are hardly any good restaurants enroute tourist places. If we got to keep the nation clean, then we need dustbins in the highways. Sounds absurd? No, not really! I have gone on so many road trips and I have to keep all the tetra packs, chocolate wrappers, plastic covers. Sometimes the car is filled with those and my brother throws it out without letting me know. All need not be an environmentalist like me. There are so many like my brother, well most of them are. Wouldn’t it be great if we had dustbins, it would avoid fights between my brother and me and so many of us. But there are few road routes that have really good restaurants and clean washrooms.

Travelling by train is better than road travel. Shocked by my sudden change in opinion? Let me tell you, why. There are at least washrooms in the train,dirty or clean. When you are on a road trip, you will have to waste your fuel and money to stop by a restaurant just to pee. What is in for guys, they would pee on the road when their bladder is full. But women! Ah, one of the many perks of being a woman. You can’t pee in open. We really need toilets on highways, ladies, and gentlemen.

These things don’t stop me from going anywhere, though. How embarrassing it is when we speak and preach “Athithi Devo Bhav”  Many of the hotels on highways have an apology for toilet/rest room which necessitates the presence of another female friend/relative every time you need to relieve yourself.

Food for thought….. We do need cleaner toilets in trains,buses and public places and toilets on highways, we must not prove this  joke about Indian railways being the largest toilet in the world to be true. Haters they are. Being lovers of the country, let us not litter and flush behind us. Good manners I say…

I am participating in the #A-ZChallenge. My theme is traveling in India. Take the journey along with me to experience incredible India.

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