“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” 
― Robert Louis Stevenson

This quote is so beautiful and is one of my favourites. I try to live by it.

I began travelling at the age of 5. Some memories still afresh. My father had a transferable job and we were forced to move to different places and at odd times of the year. Nevertheless, it was a great experience. I got to learn different, new languages and enjoy local festivals. I also got to know the best and the worst of the places in and around the city. I liked the transfers because we would get to travel in the aeroplane and also to visit new places but the hard part was making new friends everytime. Initially, it was crazy and 

painful, later I started liking making new friends. They were all different, we stay in the same country, but just 100s of kilometres makes the difference in thinking and various patterns and habits. But at the end we were connected, the boundaries hardly mattered.We visited many places of interest with respect to food,shopping and history. 
Lonely Planet always on hand to check out the nearby places. At that time, I was a little girl who got to go out and take pictures. Holidays well spent, but come back and finish humongous amounts of homework. But that planning and researching of the new place were amazing. Back then I did not know it was termed as travel. But now I proudly say I have travelled a lot and explored more than many people .
 Most of my trips were with my family and because I got to visit places so much, I hardly felt the need to go with my friends. My parents never restricted me from doing anything. Except going to amusement parks my brother and I were given the freedom to explore anything we wished to. We would take thousand of pictures and make a zillion memories. It has been quite a long time since our trip to a new place.
My hectic schedule does not let me travel much, and I am in need of a break and as I sort out my priorities and try to make time for my favourite hobby of exploring new things. Keeping that in mind my theme for the challenge became the A-Z of travelling in India. Because I travelled with my family, friends and alone, I explored more and completely understand the pros and cons of travelling alone in our country. The essentials, the dos and don’t s. 
So you would read my experiences, catch trains along with me, eat the various cuisines and then we shall embark on a journey of memories. As I reach Z , I bet you would pack your bags and get ready to explore the world of the first times and make memories.

I am participating in the #A-ZChallenge. My theme is traveling in India. Take the journey along with me to experience incredible India.

Also linking it to Day 1 of Ultimate Blog Challenge


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