It is late and you are up, I see you from the corner of eyes, I don’t know what is bothering you. You have stopped talking to me. Everyone in the family is asleep except us.  It’s funny, how you would sleep like a log for hours without tossing sides.

You check if I am sleeping, I close my eyes and pretend. I feel your panicked and liquor filled breath on my face, I am shocked at the smell. Did the shock show up on my face? But I hear you sigh, instead of gasp, and then I hear you take long strides and walk.

The carpet lying down on the ground seems to plead you to stop walking, but you have increased your pace now. I am annoyed by the sound that your slipper is making with the carpet and the constant flip flop sound with your feet. It has been half an hour now and I don’t know what is it that you are worried about. Is it a girl? Your career? I don’t seem to decipher your thoughts.

You open your Mac and start typing something, I hurt my neck to peep in and look at what is it that you are typing, but I don’t want to be caught red-handed. That would be too embarrassing, isn’t it?
I feel guilty, I want to help you but not be caught red-handed, that’s lame. I love you dearly and help you, had I just knew what is it that is bothering you so much.

You break my train of thoughts by starting typing the password, I strain my neck again to check the password, I never felt the use of it before, but today, I don’t know, why I am doing it. I, beam, as I see you type in my name as the password.

No, definitely not a girl, I tell myself.

Note: This is the first post in the series of a collection of stories. I am open to feedback and hoping to see you visit and encourage till the end of the series.


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