Marriage was the last thing on her mind,
She was ambitious,beautiful and kind.
Time,she wanted  to understand herself.
There were many unread books in her shelf.

Letting a new person for life,
He her man and she his wife,
The thought enthralled but frightened her,
She could hear her soul and mind stir.

Hell bent was her father,
He never let her miss her mother.
Always helping to keep her head above the water,
She was his strong and proud daughter.

For the first time,
Her dad’s choice was hers,
She knew soon she would call it quits.
She had to spend with him,her precious years prime.

It had been five years of blissful life,
Three years as his wife.
And two years in being a parent to both.
There were ups and downs ,
But their love for each other had only seen growth,
There was sadness,madness,happiness and frowns.

One busy day, a letter awaited her,
It could wait,she thought, the monthly letter from her father.
She was now a busy wife and mother.
Tears kept flowing as she read her father’s last letter.

It read:

“Hello love,
I know I forced you to move.
I did not want to leave you alone,
After cancer would have engulfed me you would have none.
I am glad I made a decision right.
To make your future bright.

My soul would leave my body soon,
You can meet me daily with the stars and the moon.
I shall rest in peace only if I don’t see your eyes wet,
Ideal daughter you were ,wife and mother you are I bet.
By the time you read ,my funeral would have been set.
Dearest don’t fret.
Life is short and moments few
Daddy loves you and is proud of you.”

This post is part of the prompt of the week, Letter, by the BlogChatter community. What started as a weekly Twitter chat, #blogchatter, is now a booming and blooming community of bloggers, who blog together to blog better helping and supporting each other.

Also linking it to Poets United’s Midweek Motif- Marriage


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