A person has  a lot of dreams, he wants to be like someone he was inspired to be in his childhood or she wants to fulfill the dreams of her parents. Some are clueless and are doing things blindly, for the sake of doing it.

I, fall in a different category.  My parents did have a dream for me, and I wanted to do it as well. No force. But at that time, I wasn’t exposed to too many options. After a lot of reading, experiences and pondering I have decided, that I can’t just settle for one thing, to dream of it and achieve. So I dream. But, only at nights. I am not greedy, but I am not satisfied, once I master a skill I have to learn something new. Something so interesting that I can’t sleep at the night, waiting for the morning to come. So I don’t let dreams define and fence me up.

       I have decided a few things, which  I feel most of us would actually relate to. From my childhood, I have been running. Running to catch the bus.  Running to grab every opportunity I could. Running for grades. Running to the office. I, you, my Reader and we all must slow down. Take time, think about the things we missed out during the sprinting, introspect and know what we love the most. Take risks. From this moment on  I am not going to postpone things that I yearned to do, a suppressed desire of childhood because of so many reasons. There will always be a hundred reasons why we must not and can’t do it, anytime, be it today or  be it in the coming times. Be it learning an instrument or a form of dance, the smallest of things, do it. There would be no regrets, blame game, and heartburn.

From this moment on I am going to be me, without reasoning about being judged. You will be anyway. I would be damned if I were good and I would be if I were to be  bad.  Then, I prefer to be the best to me, myself, alone.

From this moment on I will say no to things that I feel isn’t right or wouldn’t like to do. No conflict of interest tolerated.
From this moment on, I am going to stay away from negative thoughts.  Around negative people, I am going to go into oblivion. That would save my energy and let me be peaceful.

That would be my long and tedious list of things I am deciding to do at this moment. Blogging regularly is a part of  it of course.  That is what I am doing at the moment.
So, what is it that you would like to do at the moment?Suppressed dreams? Hidden desires. Let me know it in the comments and do it,
 “Kyunki kal kisne dekha hain? “


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