The butterflies in my stomach kept on increasing as I walked further towards the gate. Even the board exams were not so scary! Entering the college seemed like getting inside a ghost house. I knew nobody in the college, and  I could already see people in groups. God! How would I survive here, I pondered. A zillion thoughts running in my tiny brain. It was my first day in the college. New city. Unknown people. I told myself, to calm down, for I had experienced this before because of my father’s transferable job. But that was long time ago, and I was a kid. It was different now.

After a while I finally found the room in which my first class of the under graduation was supposed to start. I was the last one to enter. I found gazes that followed me. My parents dropped me till the door of the class, I waved goodbye to my parents. I felt sheepish and like  kindergarden kid. I felt like crying looking at my equally tensed parents. I controlled my tears, luckily for me, the professor entered.

Time just flew by and it took some time for me to adjust. I was the first bencher,for there would be no other desk left. But it helped me grasp things and ask doubts easy. I fared well. The first two years just passed by in studies, adapting and making friends.

The third year was blissful, I grew. I looked forward going to college. There was something exciting always. The early days of the final years passed in the anticipation and tension of what lies ahead. Placements, projects,competitions and classes. As the tension eased we had double the fun.

The four years just flew by and I still feel like the first day happened just yesterday. Its going to be a year since I left college. But memories, still afresh. It was life changing and a brilliant journey. I made friends for life, a lot of acquaintances and created memories.

When I joined, I just wanted to finish the phase as soon as possible. Later I wanted time to slow down. Probably that’s why mind is called fickle. Now, after entering the corporate world, I realize it was not years that passed by, it was the time we had to make memories, create bonds and cherish them.

As I see the difference in today the days that passed by, I realize it would be demeaning to call the past as the days that passed by.

Those were HAPPY  DAYS!

What stories do you remember when you hear the words Happy Days?

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