I met with the word silence in the school. The teachers would say to maintain pin drop silence. At that time,silence was only related to being quiet. Then I related it to meditation,for it meant silence and peace. But my mind, it wasn’t peaceful or silent. There were a thousand thoughts running.
Over time, I have come to realize, that silence speaks a lot, in fact screams and have a deeper meaning. There is a deadly silence just before the storm. There is silence in unresponsiveness that speaks a million words. 
It is important to know  when to keep quiet and when to speak. That difference we often fail to recognize. At times there are situations, where being silent is best solution. When there is non-stop chatter in the office, and when you return back home, the silence at times is welcoming. If the day at office were bad and the home dead silent,the silence is too depressing. 
When its quiet, the ears will adapt.The quieter the room, better you can hear. The hooting of the owl on a silent night, the embarrassing moment when your growling stomach is audible in the silent office. Sometimes, when you run hard, you can hear your blood gushing and the sound of your lungs. Then there are silences in relationship, where the silence speaks it all. There are relationships that end up in silence,with just no words to speak which had started with non stop chatter and the end painful. But there are relationships where even the silence is comfortable. Those relationships are a bond for life. Lucky are the ones to have such a relationship.
Silence is comfort and terrifying. There is an allure to silence.  True silence is in the peace of the mind. Silence and sound like any other facet of human experience must be taken in moderation. Like I always say, everything in moderation and nothing in exaggeration.

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