On Friday,  I am usually greeted by  the question,” Hey, what plans do you have for weekend? “
Well sometimes I  do have plans, visiting friends or relatives or probably a trip to the mall or travel.

Most of the times I just don’t have any plans. All I want to do is to sleep without the alarm clock waking me up. Have a late tea slowly without having to rush through with the tension of being late for work.

All in all, I prefer to spend my free time doing nothing at all. There is so much joy in lying on the couch and lying down silently.  At times topping it up with favourite music or a good book is what I prefer.

There is satisfaction, joy and at time as it is stress releasing too. You get time to think,  get perspectives of things. The week, month, life in rewind. What you could have done better and the following  thoughts.

Doing nothing is exhilarating. I have tried it. Have you?
 This post is written for Day 24 of UBC


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