We worry for what is lost,

Let go of it like the melting frost.

Wondered about the consequences,
Well,its time to put the fences.
Life is in the present,
Don’t make it sound like an investment.
The planning spoils it all,
Let each moment be a gift small.
Get into the kitchen and cook,
Get on the couch, read a book.
Make mistakes, and learn from it,
Strive to keep fit!
To those who trust you,
Be loyal.
Make friends new,
The old ones are still royal, so no betrayal.
Life is in following your heart,
To wait, life is just too short.
What are you waiting for?
Cleanse your heart  from all the fear,
Open the door and wage the war.
Be fierce, and don’t you forget to show the scar.
Proud and sure.

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