Palms sweaty. Heart racing. A thousand voices in your voice about what people think. You know the feeling. That is what happens when  you have to address people.

Stage fear is a problem that most of us face. From small school children to elders. Its evident in our day to day life. We see so many people struggling with public speaking.

My first encounter with the stage where I was all alone  was during my class 1in a  fancy dress competition. There was no fear. I won the first place. My proud parents encouraged me to participate in every competition.

As I grew up,  the stage fear started creeping up,  and then I spoke in front of the whole school in that fear for the first and last time. I decided to overcome the fear and only then go back on that stage.

Now stage fear and I are far apart.  So here goes the list of how to overcome stage fear:

1. Stop think what other people think 

Most of the time we are worried about what other person thinks.  What if I get stuck and the people think I am no good. But, over time I have come to realize that no matter how and what you speak there are people who condemn and demean you. So why care?

2. Practice
Never step on a stage to speak if you are low on confidence and not prepared. As the saying goes,  practice makes man perfect. Practice.  And practice.

3. Start from scratch

When you read or study, read aloud. Anything you read, read aloud. Improves pronunciation and confidence.

4. Follow the Dale Carnegie principle 

Dale Carnegie in his book How to overcome fear says, that when we are afraid of something,  we ought to think what is the worst thing going to happen. Make three points.  Well, if it’s nothing big, then it’s actually okay. I put it this way, as long as the worst thing could happen is life threatening,  you could take the risk.

I follow these four principles and they have helped me a lot. You could try them and let me know how it was for you .
Just trust yourself and fear shall never touch you.
This post is written for Januaru blogathon host by #kowthas
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