I am a person who eats to live and those who know me well,  know what a fitness freak I am. But I do have my comfort food. The food that I can rely upon to take my head off few things and ease the turbulence.  Although exercise is what I prefer during such times.

I find comfort in chocolates and apples.  I also find comfort in cooking what’s called the vegetable cutlet, it’s a treat for the taste bud and yet consumes less oil, or I would put it as you can use less oil.

My dad says, that what is good for the tongue isn’t good for the health.  I do agree with him, but I say cutlet is an exception to the saying.
So here goes the recipe:
1. Grab all the veggies you like.
2. Four slices of bread.
3. Garam Masala according to requirement.
4. Coriander powder,  half a teaspoon
5.Oil of your choice.

1. Finely chop the veggies and boil them.
2. Mash the bread pieces to big crumbs.
3. Mix the veggies, crumbs, garam masala, coriander powder and salt as required.
4. Form balls of the mixture.
5. Heat the pan, add a little oil,  and let the cutlets be on the pan till the top is golden brown, do that on both the sides.

P.S. : The more the oil, the better the taste! But remember,  everything in moderation a d nothing in exaggeration.
This post is part of the January blogathon hosted by #kowthas and today’s prompt is “My comfort food” linked here
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