Title – Ramayana – The Game Of Life: Stolen Hope (Book 3)Author – Shubha VilasGenre – Mythology, Spirituality, MotivationalISBN – 978-81-8495-824-9Publisher – JAICO Publishing HouseTotal pages – 312MRP – Rs.299/-

About The Author

 The author Subha Vilas is known for his spiritual discourse  to the youth. He relates the mythology to the daily life scenarios. He explain minute thing and make great efforts in it.


The stolen hope is the sequel to the book shattered dreams. It begins with the engrossing story of  Rama’s exile. The book describes in length how the rakshas troubled the sages.
It begins with the Rama and Lakshmana’s conflicting thought sand personalities. The author goes in length to describe the calm and composed Rama and Lakshmana as the short tempered one.
In the first few chapters, there is a mention of lot of sages, and the learning that we get out of their experience, and how the trio learn that there is a greater purpose of their exile. As the years passed by, the bond between Rama and Janaki grows stronger.
The pious relationship between the trio is mentioned time and again. As the trio enter the Dandakaranya, the sages narrate stories of the past and pour the woes of the present about the atrocities of the good over the bad. Rama vows to destroy the rakshasas for the greater good, putting Sita into dilemma. Further as the trio learn, respect and survive, there happened the first incident in Panchavati
One can get to know about the history of Surpanaka in this book. When the demonic queen’s eyes fell on the majestic king Rama, she was filled with lust. Rama and Lakshmana tried to have a little fun, knowing little about Surpanaka. When Surpanaka tried to harm Sita, she had to encounter the wrath of the brothers. That was just the beginning of their problems. 
There is mention of Jatayu the mighty eagle and Sabari, the elderly woman ascetic , devoted to Rama. The author has the history of these famous mentions too. Its a joy to know more about the less known always.
Then there is Ravana, the Lanka king. The author describes in length about the curses inflicted on him with the why and the  how . The defeats he faced and how treacherous he was.
The book ends with the introduction of the Vanaras, abduction of Sita, And with Rama amd Lakshaman changing their positions of their usual demeanor. 


  1. The small mythological tales.
  2. Easy and simple language.
  3. Correlation of the past with the present.
  4. The best of the series so far.


  1. Few of the mythological references are described too much. The comparisons like some Bollywood or a daily soap dialogue. 


The book is a brilliant change for the contemporary. The author’s genre represents that of Amish. Yet each unique and brilliant in their own way.
 Overall, its a good read. It teaches you about love, relationships,respect and behavior. Also how one must react during difficult and testing times. How once words are out, the purpose maybe different but the words if hurting get etched into the listener’s heart forever.

Overall I rate this a  4/5

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