She felt the grass, silky green,
From the moor all beautiful colors could be seen,
Oh,It was a glimmering scene!
A burning desire popped up in the between.
He wanted to fill the moor,
with poppies, orchids, daisies and more.
All that she could feel and smell,
Mesmerize her like casting a beautiful spell.
He toiled day and night,
he put all his might.
He wanted it ready for their anniversary,
He could hear her smiles echo in his memory.

It was the day,
The sky azure now had speckles of grey.
The moor now a contour of heart,
There was the beautiful nature and the art.
She felt the purple orchids, lavenders,lilies and roses,
There begun a chapter of the story which never closes.
She was blind,
With love they had painted their heart and mind.

Posted for Midweek Motif @ Poets United



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