The guiding light in the hollow new place,
Encouraging and bringing me back into the race.
Inspiring and supportive.
Persistent and cooperative.
My teacher she is !
A graceful one. Oh,Yes!
My teacher she is.

Sharing similar thoughts,
Knowing my weak spots,
The well wisher,
The knowledge provider.
My mentor she is !
The best one. Oh,Yes!
My teacher she is.

I take this chance to tell her what I am thinking.
At the least I can say thank you for everything!
Some things can never be deleted but only saved,
Your lessons engraved,
You will be forever cherished,
In my soul your importance will never be perished.
My guide she is,
The best one. Oh,Yes!
My teacher she is.

This poem is dedicated to my guide from my graduating college, who is the head of our department.
Happy World Teacher’s Day Nalini  Ma’am!

Posted for Midweek Motif @ Poets United ~ Teacher: One Who Teaches




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