The word relationship, single but uniting has importance of its own. Recently we have seen people killing their own blood for what? Well, maybe acceptability, fame or dignity in the society.
Over years, when I observe my relationship with others and other people  handling relationships, I have come to realize, that the term is so powerful and we often don’t realize.
All feelings and relationships are out of a basic necessity. The need to be loved and accepted. More than accepted, we all long for people to love us. Well, it’s natural for a human to be loved. Loved by their child , loved by parents, friends, society, coworkers, etc. Sometimes , we don’t realize but we try showing off in a public place or while travelling in a public transport, just to feel loved by those who are observing you , or maybe respect you, but we want to seek that attention, which sometimes ends up in conversations and maybe friendship.
I believe for any human, in their life, the driving force is the need to be appreciated, loved and cherished for what they are, but at times we try and modify to blend in, to feel accepted and loved. Its the need.  And over time the value of this need has just kept escalating.
The need to be loved and accepted leads to expectations which is the worst part in any relationship, for we all are bound with a thin chain of hope , faith and love. Anytime one of the beads falls, the whole chain is shattered. But its human nature!
I have come to realize that, relationships in reality are fragile, behaviors , people and too many factors influence it. Try to build strong foundations of new relationships and the ones that are lost ,don’t worry, life just goes on, its nobody’s mistake. Strained relationships are because humans are designed to be complicated , need and expect the most wonderful, difficult and bitter sweet thing in the world- Relationship!


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