We recently had a day dedicated to stop elder abuse, the flames of this day did not burn as well as the yoga day. It just went off like any other day.
We often tend to forget the pain and selfless love that pur parents gave us to make us who we are. Unlike the west,we here in India,are dependent on our elders for a long time and are obliged to them. Its our right and duty to look after our elders the way they took care of us as toddlers.
Ancient mythologies and vedas emphasize and give importance to our elders and to follow them. The very least we could do now is to respect and love them.
All they yearn for is a little time,attention and love. Wise words in such a important matter is , to remember that what you do to others the same shall happen to you.
It is very important for each one of us to remember that elder abuse although similar to child abuse,is much worst, for they have no financial support ,which was drained improving the lives of their children. So why don’t we make some time in our busy lives to spend time and give all love and care our elders deserve.
My grandmother nurtured my sibling and me, loving,caring,pampering ,advising and every thing that any person could yearn for. I miss her even today. A day hasn’t passed by where I haven’t remembered or missed her. I have grown from a girl who lost her granny to cancer to a strong woman  like how  she wanted,hardened form situations though. My parents loved my granny as much as we did. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why we love and respect her so much.
So on this stop elder abuse day, I promised to take care of my parents the way they took care of my granny. And we still miss her like the sentences misses the space. This post is written  for Day 4 of UBC and IndiChange-StopElderAbuse


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