We are all familiar and value the quote,for we know the importance of a balanced diet.
For ages, people have emphasized in health and hence various quotes.
I have seen an overweight human struggling to loose weight to become fit and healthy. A skinny person exercises to feel hungry and also to get a good sleep.

What I mean here is  to stay fit and healthy, what one needs is a balanced diet and exercise. In the craze of looking good rather than being fit people have the urge to take up crash diet strategies. Especially when there is a function at home in a couple of days, crash diet starts .
What we need to understand is reduction in weight to stay fit is as similar as gaining weight. We haven’t gained weight overnight to reduce it overnight, step by step,day by day have we gained weight, to reduce it that is what it takes. All one needs is a little patience. Also one needs to understand that reduction in weight must not be to please others eyes but for our own happiness and good health.

A crash diet deprives you of the basic nutrients, starves you and makes you loose you weight. But all of it is a temporary solution. Once you get back to your normal lifestyle, you hain more than you had lost, because you had starved yourself, so craving takes a better hold on you and you indulge!

So what we need is a healthy and a balanced diet, which does not make you to starve or deprive you of your favourite smack or food. One needs  a lifestyle change that is all.

By lifestyle change, I mean, addition of food items based on their calories and glycemic index, this heels in curbing weight and cravings. You would think twice to eat Channa bathura or a pizza for a really long time if you just knew how much of calories is there on the tempting plate when compared to the delicious fruit and vegetable basket on the other side.
A healthy diet keys you indulge in savories. The trick is simple and my father puts it rightly, “Nothing in exaggeration and everything on moderation.” That includes your mouth and tongue. How true!
What he means here is you can indulge but moderately. Isn’t it easy to half of your junk food rather stop it completely for a couple of days? By not eating your favorite junk food for a couple of days will make you hog.
By having a balanced diet one can have right amounts of liquids and food and still reduce their weight and then manage it. Which is not the case in crash diet strategies.
All one needs is to start odd their balanced diet by checking out their height and weight to calculate the body mass index and start working out physically and follow a sage and healthy balanced diet. You can get all the required strategies and the best planner based on your consumption and body mass by following the  Honey Diet.

Anything good mustn’t be delayed! So what are you waiting for? Seize the day and start your healthy living by starting your day with a cup of warm water and a teaspoon of Dabur Honey mixed with it.
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