Women in India are now in a powerful position, we are kind of equal nowadays. Well,few of us live in a good condition,it does not mean we haven’t been harassed or men haven’t attempted to assault us. It just means the occurrence is less,because we are now careful than before,after our experience. Few of us,who are strong enough to learn don’t want to relive the trauma,few puckered for life, are paranoid.
My point here is, in India, we are subjected to experiences which take a toll on us emotionally,mentally and physically. When a girl is born in the family, parents although happy about the bundle of joy for she is healthy and fine,are worried about the future and there are people who are worried about the girl’s life negatively rather than the child’s parents. Then as the child grows up she is advised about being menstruation. And every person under this world is interested and looks like they are concerned.
They are there just to taunt ,worry and harass the parents. The list goes on, and I have come to realize people tend to ask questions and point a finger no matter how good you are, they always have an opinion. So,now I no longer care and live life like I want to,for people have problem with everything.
The plight of widows are still disheartening and terrible. They are subjected to much worst atrocities even today. She has a husband,then she has the right to look good, put on vermilion, decorate her hair with flowers.
A widow when sits with wed women on the same table,eating the same food, is denied a mere dab of the vermilion, a powder of turmeric and saffron! Why? Because she lost her husband to a disease or an accident. The married women may have the dab of vermilion, showing she is bound to her man in a sacred bond. But she would have died within a hundred times emotionally and mentally due to taunts and torture of in laws.
In this post I put in a lot of things together,ones that I face and others that women I know face and are facing.
Let me know is the dream of equality is and will be a dream or will it change?
Day 6 of UBC

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