Daddy’s daughter and mamma’s boy,
Her pride and his joy.
Protective and over protective down below,
Loving parents its time to let go!
Let go of your kids to fly…
Higher and higher in the clear blue sky!

Broken heart trying to heal,
Again after a long time it wants to feel.
Abuse and pain it had to go through. 
Its time to bid adieu.
A good bye to all the pain and misery.
Pressing the delete button to the memory.

Trying to fathom the inner self.
Dusting and visiting the good old shelf.
Unsure and doubtful of destiny,
Being in misery for  its still a mystery.
Its time to be brave and risk it all.
Climb up the ladder and down the wall.

Its time to break all the barriers,
Sum up the pose of a warrior.
Its time to change!
No matter how strange.
Strive to be a better person,
to create a new better generation.
Time has the power to heal.
Its time we seal the deal.
Learn to love and respect what we got,
There is always someone you can not have.

Sometimes its just time…..
Time to discover,
Time to recover.
Time to do something new,
Sometimes its just a cue.
No matter what sparkle like the dew,
For only few know,
The spark of it on a leaf under the sun.

 This is written for the Poetry Jam 
Prompt:  Sometimes It is Time…


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