Happiness is a state of mind. It is a feeling which needs company. With no one to share your happiness,is like eating a tasty meal cold. People look for happiness and try to find it in everything. But happiness is within us. You are contented with what you have, know your needs and that is it , you are the happiest person!

Well, isn’t it easy to say and difficult in reality? We all want something better, something big to be happy. But as I pondered more over the things that make me happy, I realized , happiness is indeed in small things.

I think we can be happy  by  being  kind to all, to like many and love a few and most important is to be needed and wanted by those we love!

So here are a few things I  find happiness in…..

 A simple hello message from a friend far away physically makes me fell near and I am happy just by looking at the message, for a simple hello leads to so many chemical reactions followed by lots of talks.

Happiness is in coming home to my waiting mother, who fusses over for coming late but yet, that one smile of hers eases the tension in the room and tiredness in my face. I realize that now, when my mom stays away and I come back to meet an empty home.

Happiness is encouraging a friend in doing something she is good at and feeling happy when she is being praised as well!

Happiness is being surrounded by people whom I love when I need them the most.
Happiness is a friend meeting me despite the situation she is in, just because she needs to meet me for it had been a long time. 

Happiness is in having a good meal when I am  famished and gulping a glass of cold water down my  throat which the sun just dried!

Happiness is in the smile of the security guard when you give him a box of sweets on an occasion.

Well, my list just goes on,but the one thing that brings ultimate happiness to me is the joy and sense of pride in parents eyes. Every time I am demotivated, I just think of the sacrifices they made for me and how my achievements light up their faces. Evey time I got up on the podium to receive a prize I just look up to my mother’s smile and her eyes welled up with pride, it gives me the ultimate happiness, I could ever ask for. I feel like a small child by saying this, but that’s the truth. I am happy every time my mother brags about me in front of her friends, its embarrassing at times but that spark in her eyes , it just makes me mum with happiness!

Happiness is in  moments we create, the firsts we do and the joy we can create on others face. Happiness is in creating and living the small and big moments. Life is too short to fret or wait for happiness to come. It comes from your own actions.

I have created my moments of happiness. Have you? If so let me know!



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