I know everything happens for a reason, and we need to wait patiently for things to take it course. Every success, disappointment,praise, insult and situation, almost everything in life, happens for something better in the future. But that wait and sometimes there is no reasoning at all is so frustrating. At that time optimism just seems like a word and not a reality. That’s the time when closed ones help us to keep things together, never letting the optimism go down.

On one such bad day, four years back, I sat staring at the beautiful park in front of me, every part of nature called me to enjoy its beauty , but my mind and heart wouldn’t permit me to. Preoccupied in my own thoughts, confused with my life ahead, sad and disappointed. I don’t know if I wanted advise, a break or let things life as it is. I loved journalism and had the knack, but technology fascinated me. My mother  worried, at the way I behaved and called my father who stayed in another city because of his work.

The next day, I was happy to see my father after a long time, he told , it had been a long time we spent some time together and just rode us off . I soon realized we were on our way to the famous mall of the city.  Well, unlike our usual routine of starting from the ground floor of window shopping of few outlets and shopping in our usual outlets, we went to the top floor which had the multiplex. This was unusual of my father, we hardly go to the floor and ,multiplex was like a far dream. It was ten years and we had not been to the theater.  I was in for a surprise when we went inside the multiplex to watch the movie Kung Fu panda 2. I was moved by this gesture because dad thought watching movies in theater was a waste of money. But, because I loved and desired to go to theater , dad took us all. It seemed like ages but all I did was beam with happiness, a smile and ray of hope after a very long time.

I had the best moments in my life, we laughed our heart out together after a long time. We were all together and saw something that pleased all of us. The break was all I needed, my parents just told me to follow my heart and be as happy as I was in the movie theater. Some family time together, sprang up the required optimism.  Here I am, an engineer. Well, I happen to choose the path of technology and I succeeded. Thanks to the optimism and support of my family, sometimes their consent is all we  need.

I believe family is a circle of strength , founded in faith and joined in love, kept together by god and to be continued to bond by us.



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