My first day in college,
The first class in a room like gaarge.
I felt like a lost kid in a fair,
No old friends for my woes to share!

I here is where I wanted to be,
I hoped our journey soon turned from I to we…
People were abundant and yet I was alone,
I craved to see a known face in a sea of unknown.

I soon found a someone whom I could call a friend,
My wounds by her company she tried to tend.
Like minded and supportive,
at times her act irritating and assertive.

With years our friendship grew,
Alas, time just flew!
At times we don’t need words to talk.
Very few believes together we walk.

Opposites in many things,
In each others company open our are tied wings.
I treasure the day we met.
She encouraged me but my ego she cut.
Thank you for being there,
Trust me, things will be better.

My best friend in college, is having a bad time, trying to cheer her up by looking back at the happy times!

Written for  Poetry Jam– Looking Back


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