Nearing the end of a sour and sweet  journey,
Time duped me and he thinks is funny!
Weird, because I laugh along,
For he made be realize where I belong.

I started as a teen,
So fresh and so clean.
Life has been sweet and mean.
She tells me to appraise her as a rose,
Teaching me her own course.

I plan but do casual things,
I laugh in the face of what sorrow brings.
I explore, love and eat new.
The sky bountiful, sometimes black and sometimes blue,
Every leaf beautiful and new.
The lilac brimming with dew.

That is how daily I sail!
To write a bonny tale.
Steered  by closed ones,
For, what if tomorrow never comes!?

Are you up for a magical journey?
Then,love life and show mercy,
Do crazy things but stay away from the attorney!
Life is short, so hurry!!!

A few more months left to complete my college. It has been a lovely journey of four years. Which will end soon, so I decided too end this journey, by making a memorable one. Now, everyday is a journey. I have learnt new things in a easy way and unlearnt few the hard way. But the memories and adventures dear. Tried to pen down a few lines on the magnificent journey.

Written for Poetry Jam’s Journey


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