The end has begun,
but I have regrets none.
Nostalgia hits me,
But I let it be.

At the beginning,
I never understood the meaning.
Like a lost child,
left in the wild.

I understood, I had to be open,
I learnt to be out spoken,
I learnt with pleasure,
College memories my treasure.

Friends,naughty talks and night outs…
Last minute preparation and doubts.
Fests, forums,conferences and presentations,
Endless selfies in the railway stations.

I understand today, every small talk precious,
At times the free bird restless and gracious.
Testing our best and worst.
Doing and trying few things first. 

I understood,
There isn’t anything that I would change  if I could,
My thoughts  melancholic,
Nostalgic as I remember the fun and frolic.
 All I understand today is you made the memories happen,
I am the ship and you are the captain.
Thank you all to make my engineering life happen. 


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