I toddled bare feet,
steps small and sweet.
An attempt genuine,
with no hidden intention.
Coaxed and cheered,
while I feared.

I sprinted with my blue shoes,
I am in a race I cant lose.

I can run much faster now,
The cars seem to move slow,I don’t know how.
 But I can now choose,
from slippers,boots and shoes.

I never get distracted.
For once I had taken it for granted.
My needs are modest.
I just want to run faster than the falling sawdust.

Vivacious and elegant on the race track.
My shoes and feet have that knack.
I run for a living,
And my shoes keep me breathing.

Written  for   3WW #410. Prompt:Distracted,Genuine and Modest , Theme Thursday- Vivacious and Poetry Jam:  Shoes or Feet.



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