Yay! my birthday is today.
I never pass away.
I am an immortal,
But I can not afford a portal.

My birthday planned and celebrated.
A day dedicated and places decorated.
Pompous and boisterous.
An attempt to turn back pages preposterous.

Resolutions taken, 
But loved ones forsaken.
Promises and heart broken.
All I expect is a few words to be spoken.

Celebrate in orphanages and old age homes,
Pay head to others cries and moans.
Promise always to be jovial
No matter how royal,remain loyal and social.

The urge to enjoy my age is tempting and tantalizing.
But your life you need to start analyzing.
I give you 365 days again,
You can get it together by then.
Resolute to live and let live,
Even in deep poverty learn to give.

I am the year that has passed by,
the year that has come by.
Like you, I have hopes pinned up,
Holding wonder like a cup.


This post is written for Theme Thursday
Also linking with  Three Word Wednesday  where the words were Jovial, Resolute, and Promise.


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