Felt the sunset I captured appropriate for the prompt.

The air crisp and cold in the morning,
Its late, but I am still yawning.
I want to cuddle the soft pillow,
staring outside the window.

Its sunny and warm in the noon,
I hear an old familiar tune.
Now,I miss my granny,
Nobody else understands me.

There’s something weird about the season,
Spite of melancholy reason.
Her absence leaves me void,
A pain that I could never avoid.

No one else really understands me,
Emotions grab me,
I long for her company,
Her absence a null in the family.

She was like the season now,
If she were here I would show you how.
Her advise like the cold but comfy morning,
But she left me alone without a warning.
Her company warm and entrhralling.
The night is chilling.
Like her,the stars lightening the dark,
I don’t know where she is but among us lie her spark.

 This post has been written for  Poetry Jam.


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