Well its not easy to create a wishlist of just 5 places, when the world is so huge , lovely and full of adventure. Traveling has been my passion.. Exquisite places, cuisine, people is all I love and aspire!
So here goes my WISHLIST :

I always wanted to visit two wonders of world at least. I  have visited the TajMahal, was mesmerized by its beauty. So, I want to be surprised, how Paris would look, from the Eiffel Tower!
The cosmopolitan city of France, the most beautiful and romantic cities, I have heard. A city, brimming with historic associations, clinging to the age old culture. I want to feel the city’s cathedral, monuments and lake.

Paris is also known to be the capital of fashion, dubbed to be the city of light, and I being a lady, would just love to explore that part of the city too…
Shop fashion till I drop and I could probably have a makeover there……
Last but not the least, watch the beautiful city of Paris while the sunrises and sets from the Eiffel tower! 

Next, Miami it is. Well for no particular reason. But just enjoy the  beautiful work of nature and the exquisite cuisine, I yearn to go to Miami.
After the city of lights, a tan wouldnt be so bad. Would it?
I could stare at the waters from the boat for hours, to take in the serenity. I would definitely have the city tour by the boat.
Then get on some tan from the golden sand beaches of Miami, maybe feeling the airs of Miami.. Singing the ma halo song!

I would spend a day or two with the American alligator, turtles, snakes, American crocodiles, fish, and exotic birds such as the national Bald Eagle and the Red Shouldered Hawk,. Ever excited to get the opportunity to explore the park ..

I wish to see, Tokyo  the core of the most populated urban area in the world!
To see how different it is from India, one of the most populated country!
I have heard Tokyo has an array of beautiful sights.
I wish to visit  the temples of Asakusa, the gardens of the Imperial Palace  and various shrines. The hymn singing, peace and serenity is all what a person could get.
I wish to taste the famed sake and eat some sushi. Adorn their attire and just click and click and click pictures!I want to visit the Tokyo Bay and enjoy the peace away from the city….

I want to visit the vibrant, colorful and multicultural city of London, for it’s beauty and our old roots.
Well, there is along list of places I want to visit . On the top is the Buckingham Palace. Visit the royal parks.
Enjoy some good music in LIVE MUSIC.
Enjoy some good theater..

Ya, Turkey it is! Let me try some Turkish Delight!
Istanbul,with it’s  long history at the center of empires, offers a palette of historic and religious places to take in.
I want to go there to have the famed Turkish bath, get engrossed in sufi music and have the city tour!

Here my wishlist ends..
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