Alan, a successful surgeon, was wishing he could meet his mother more often and spend some time with her, with the burning thoughts of his negligence towards his loving mother and guilt,he carelessly tossed on his scrubs,without seeing the patient’s details, he had done this surgery a hundred times efficiently.

He had planned of finishing the surgery soon and going home early to call up his mother.
In the operating room, Alan felt as if his world had been tumbled up side down,it seemed as if the two things that he loved the most were planning to battle against each other.
All his confidence of performing the surgery well had vanished, his mouth all dry, his hands trembling and tears just welled up seeing his mother on the table.

So many questions unanswered to be answered, a million words to speak but he was numb seeing his mother in such a condition, guilt took the better of him.

As soon as his mother saw him, she was shocked, but remained calm, “Alan, dear, I know what you are feeling right now, but I trust you, son,I know you ll fix me all right”, she said with a radiant smile.

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