Sydney, was popular among her friends..

 Rich, talented and an all rounder. Everyone in her college envied her,born with a golden spoon,she wore expensive clothes,  traveled  in a Benz,participated in all competitions, scored well,played guitar and basketball and always surrounded with friends.
Sydney’s   life was not a bed of roses , she envied all her friends for few were poor, few fared poor in exams and few not all rounders, but all had something that she did not.
A perfect  family, who loved each other, did everything together, a life which was sweet and sour, not bitter.

Her parents were getting divorced, and all she could hear at her house was fight, she had everything except a loving and supporting family, she did not want to be an all rounder, she was forced to be, she did whatever she could to get solace,she  did so by being busy and letting others envy her while she envied them even more.

This post has been written for Lillie McFerrin Writes – Five Sentence Fiction.
Prompt: Envy


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