I danced and sang and ran as  a child,
Simple and easily  beguiled!
My daddy’s little  girl, 
Happy with just a candy swirl!

Then I was in   school,
Here all went by the rule.
I no longer knew what I could do,
But intellectually I grew!

I am now a daughter,aunt and a sister
Soon going to be an alma mater!
Time flew so swift,
Yet giving me the healing gift.

I have changed a lot since school,
I am sometimes an emotional fool.
Sometimes hard as a rock,
But I still miss my frock. 

I am a child at heart .
Still wishing life had a button of restart.
I learnt from disappointment and rejection,
That it was the only way to perfection!

I was told to change,
I tried,but that felt strange.
I am who I am and want to be,
My imagination, heart and will as mighty as a sea!
My identity is still a point of debate.
For I am low on my life’s au fait!  

 Written for Poetry Jam
Prompt: Identity!


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