All of us are familiar with the quote”Health is wealth.” But, all it has become is a quote, with almost no implementation.
With cut-throat competition in the field of academics, playing out-door games has taken a set-back.
All the children busy with studies, tuition and the jest to score well.
I was no exception. I almost stopped playing out door games from my class 9. Why I am specifying  about playing out door games is because of its importance, not only physically do we stay healthy, we are healthy mentally and emotionally as well.
At the age of 15, I was told I had hyperthyroidism, and I had to bear the aftermath. Everyone at home were tensed and disappointed. But I have a beautiful family, who understands the importance of a balanced diet, exercise and healthy personal life.The climate and pollution entitles us with skin problems too.
I believe,  to lead a healthy life, a child not only as an infant but even later must under-go regular basic health check ups , which helps in maintaining a proper weight and height. Check the family background for hereditary diseases and try preventing it, for prevention is always better than cure.

Along with a balanced diet, exercise and regular check ups, a child can be to an extent healthier than their peers. The family, invests a little now and bears the fruits of a healthy child growing into a healthy child.
The family prevents from a bigger damage which may not be able to cure at times. With the child healthy, the family is healthy, for it proves health is given utmost importance for everyone in the family. So, emotionally, financially, mentally and physically a family is healthy. Once the family is healthy, the efforts that we put in be successful in life could be enjoyed.Healthy children will not fear life if their elders have integrity enough not to fear death.
A child must start his day by eating a healthy breakfast. A day’s food must include at least two raw vegetables and a serving of fruits. In the era of Pizza Hut, MCD, KFC, Tcao Bell, etc, it is very difficult to keep kids away from it and make them eat fiber rich food like an oat meal. But its all in the hands of the family, at the early stage, any habit remains forever. and as for junk food is concerned, I would say, anything in moderation is fine. A child must stay away from processed foods and deep fried items from outside. always remember, home cooked food is always the best!

 Lastly, all I would say is, a healthy child signifies a healthy family and its practices. So,
eat health!
stay healthy!
think healthy!
Wishing all the readers a healthy life!

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