I am writing today about something that we felt when someone irritated us, or never shut their mouth when we had a terrible head ache or when we were terribly hungry or if someone has hurt has very badly or if someone just insulted you.
It is called “Anger”!!

Well, its like our blood, if we let it go, good for us, if it forms a clot, we die within.
I get angry very soon, and I thought with age it reduces, but discovered it isn’t true, it just increases.
But then I realized by swearing and shouting, anger does reduce for some time.
When anger can cause so many adverse effects, we still continue, to get angry. We are humans, and in today’s life anger can’t just loves to stay with us. We have so many amenities, yet, we frown over small things. I am no exception.
But I am not trying to control my anger, but when I am angry, I just don’t react , I respond when I am angry. I postpone decisions, because I am sure it would turn out to be a disaster.

There are times, when people whom you love, hurt you, that is the time when your anger is at the peak, and tears just come out. Here it is very difficult for me to control my tears, but my ego takes better of me and I don’t cry in front of others. Well, nobody wants to look vulnerable. Do they?

I vent out my anger and frustration of others on my family and friends. I know, it is wrong. Now, I just forgive the worst of people. Because I realized once I am angry, the ball is in his court. I ruin my life and hurt others, while he goes off with a contentment.  Well, forgiveness, it is not as easy as spoken, it takes a lot of courage and will to do it. I did! I let go of the past, but did not forget what it taught me.
I am now a better person for I get frustrated less, I keep my cool and try to keep people around me happy.

But now I do follow this policy, that I just read from a social networking site, which I have modified for my own convenience.
” Like me as I am, if you can’t, then buy a map, hire a car and go to hell!”
This approach helps a lot. For everyone out there, who are like me, follow this policy and I am sure anger will not take the better side of you.
Keep Smiling and never forget to forgive and forget!



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