I have been attending the independence day celebration, at my school of course for twelve years. The past three years in my graduation college I was deprived of the flag hoisting and,the sound of national anthem and song sung in chorus.
It is my final year in my graduation college, and today in a few minutes I will have the same good old moments back again. So before I go, here is what independence is to me…
Independence is to  not have your religion or caste be filled in any application form.
Independence is to have the freedom to wear anything at anytime and no one to boss you and judge you on what you wear.
 Independence is to be confident to walk at any time at day or night without being mugged or raped.
A few more, but more importantly, all I want to say is,
I donated Rs 100 of my pocket money to an orphanage. I know its a meagre amount, but I have started and tried to be the change.
I will be back after the celebrations to hear from you, as of what change you want to see in yourself and the country.
Waiting for your independent thoughts!!!
Happy Independence day!!!!

P.s. I feel less independent, for I am grounded for coming home late yesterday… 😛 


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