Black, is my favourite colour and always will be, maybe because it is mysterious and passionate.Black is authoritative and powerful. It is also associated with superstitions like black cats and witches! The colour black brings in respect, it is majestic. From the nature’s very own black mamba and black panther to the present day technology‘s black iPhone, the colour black is a symbol of power and authority.
If I had the things done my way, then I would have almost every item in black! Black bag, black jeans, a pair of shining black boots, a pair of black sun glasses, a sleek black iPad and I could just go on. All these were just essentials for an adventure, for which I am ever ready! So keeping in mind my lovely friends who stand with me through thick and thin and my passion, here are the five things that I would like to have in the beauty black!

     1. Apple iPad Air
The best friend ever and gets even better as it comes in my favourite colour. It keeps up with my passion of reading, writing about the adventures of my life. It’s a guide, if I have lost my way, helps me capture the beauty and serenity of nature and overall my adventure, and of course the crazy selfies and then connects to the social networking sites, where I could share the joy and experience of my adventure with everyone.

    2. A black limousine
This is to help me take all my best friends along with me in all my adventures. There is no fun with an iPad, adventure and selfies without a bunch of besties. Isn’t it?

3.   Nordstrom Black boots

The shining black boots are the best! Be it trekking, party or an outing, I cannot think of anything other than a pair of black boots!

  4.    A black  bean bag
I have always preferred a black bean bag over a sofa set. Comfortable and cosy. After a tiring day or a long adventure, rest is what one needs, and it would be best to have a bean bag to collapse if tired or watch a late night show with friends.


5.     A black Labrador

A man’s best friend is his dog. I being a pet lover, I would love a woof woof sound welcome me whenever I come back home after a tiring day. Isn’t  he cute?

Here ends my list of black things I need. The last one isnt a thing, but that is what I want!

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