The days were longer,
And I had no hunger.
All I wanted was water,
Because it was the summer!!

Pleasant and beautiful,
The nature completely playful.
Soon summer lashed out its anger,
Scorching,sizzling and amber.

I looked up at the blinding sky,
I wondered why rains had become shy.
Under the angry heat of life,
The heavy clouds trying to cut the scorching sun like a knife.

The only noise now was the rain,
Pattering softly against my window pane.
The smell of the wet soil,
That joy no one could spoil!

The cool breeze cuddling,
The grasses mumbling.
Soon the rain fell like dead bullets,
The trees and the grass dancing like the puppets.

I welcomed the first rain of relief,
Washing down all my grief.
Colors shone with exceptional clarity,
The sky pouring out with parity.


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