Boring seemed the day ahead,
And life looked like a gray thread.
I kept trying to find a silver lining.
But it was difficult than mountain climbing.

That is when I met Mr. Ant,
I had heard he had the capability to enchant.
He taught me how to never quit.
I asked him how he did the impossible,
All he said was he did not know it was impossible and so he did it!
I learned his mantra to tackle any obstacle.

Mr Pug invited me to his kennel.
He was not known to be gentle.
But he taught me to be focused on what’s most important.
I asked him how did he learn to be contented?
All he said was he doesn’t know evil , jealousy or discontent.
I realized the mantra was not make your heart dented.

When Mr Pug is here can Ms Pussy be far behind?
I heard she knew how to make things spring to mind.
She taught me not to take myself or others so seriously.
I asked her how can she play with no worries?
All she said was she embraced all the times and enjoyed religiously.
I realized the mantra was to let go our inner-critic and others words.

I heard Miss Bird chirping and bossing around in the sky,
But it was time I bid good bye.
She taught me to be flexible when things aren’t working in the required way.
And all I needed was to just spread my wings and fly.
She told me that the birds of the air sing a sweet melody.
I realized that their simple contentment is the key.


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