The sun rays softened the cold morning.
I decided to test my skills of driving.
As the fresh breeze swayed the trees gently,
My car moved on swiftly.

I felt as untroubled as a young child at play.
For a day I decided to keep all my problems at bay.
I found a babbling brook,
in the farthest little nook.

As I moved on, I adopted the pace of nature
It gave me back love, peace and pleasure.
The buzzing bees made me stop near a rice field,
As I stood there listening to earth’s music, all my wounds healed.

The moor was painted with marvelous tint and color,
To feel the same peace and serenity I would give a million dollar!
I walked bare-foot on the blades of grass unhurt.
I enjoyed and savored the nature’s scent.

The birds singing songs so melodious,
I wished everything in this world were so harmonious..
If the visit to nature were to be made compulsory,
We would have been on a path of better discovery.

From the blend of scent and the beautiful bud
To the diamond stud sky, nature tells us not to scud.
At the end of my drive I got everything from nature,
So this something that I could do for you on the paper!


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