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Aloha ! I am Ramya !

I am an engineer by profession and a blogger by passion. A wordsmith, traveller, bibliophile and photographer the other times.

Nature lover and a girl all set to explore the world. Women empowerment, social issues, the education system and travel I would like to discuss any time over a cup of hot ginger tea. Bangalore is where I reside and in my writing is where my heart resides.

Poems, fiction, articles, book reviews,my travel diaries and much more I pen. Keep in touch with my humble abode, Kyun ki picture abhi baaki hain mere dost! Ever feeling low or want a biscuit of positivity, don’t shy away, just drop in.

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I Wish I Were…

Have you read the novel series of the Vampire themed love story by Stephenie Meyer called the Twilight Saga? It would transport you to a different world altogether, like many good books. And no, I don’t want to be a Vampire. That is too boring. But I have always... read more

Life Is Too Short

Life is too short and it feels like it’s been too long since I blogged. And the train of thoughts has been running at bullet speed, I pen this poem, inspired  by one of Richa’s old posts. Life is too short to not eat the ice cream, and not chase your... read more

Me,Myself & I

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind” – Bernard M. Baruch. Time and again the people pleaser inside me springs to life and swings into full action. I don’t understand why the urge to please... read more

6 Misconceptions About Engineering

Today I write about 6 misconceptions about engineering from an engineer’s perspective. All opinions are personal and out of my experience. A few years back, being a banker was considered to be one of the best profession, a government job in general because of... read more

Book Review- Poly Trap by Nita Ganguly

Author: Nita Ganguly Illustrator: Niramoy Ganguly Publications: Rupa Publications Price: Rs 195/- About the Author: Nita Ganguly is an educator and has won several national and state awards. She is also an environmentalist and a mentor for The climate reality project.... read more

The Blue Book

I am in love with this book blue, That can help me visit places new. Just a stamp would do. I am so happy to finally have you. Long hours and many procedures, At a point, I felt I could have seizures! Oh, the ordeal is going to be worth it, The day you came my face... read more

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